Baby Clothes Patterns

Baby clothes patterns

There are different technologies of knitting patterns baby clothes.
Selecting a model from the album and drew the baby clothes patterns is knitting. Knits are beginning to determine the density of the selected pattern. For this sample knit and crochet yarns, which will involve all of the clothes patterns
Measure the length of the sample determine the number of columns of 1 cm and is calculated by the pattern of loops in the chain to the beginning of each part of the product. By measuring the width of the sample determine the number of rows in a pattern of 1 cm. These measurements are needed to calculate the subtraction and additions of columns of the armhole, bevel shoulder, neck, doused sleeves.
Knitting start from the back, then knit front and sleeves. During knitting, the product every detail of 5-6 cm are checked against baby clothes patterns. The following are general guidelines for the implementation details of children clothing.
Patterns of children clothes are somewhat different from adult patterns. The reason for this is the special requirements for children clothes. Therefore creating or using children patterns, remember that children clothing should take into account the physiology, lifestyle of the child.
Clothing for young children should not hamper their movements. The child is growing rapidly and because patterns of children clothing should take this into account. Clothing should be “room for growth”.
Must also take into account that children clothing should be light in weight, but warm, it is advisable not to use synthetic materials that violate the skin breath, so the baby clothes patterns calculated on natural fabrics. So, when you sew the children must remember the quality of fabric. Children clothes should be sewn in absorbent, soft and easily washable materials.

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