Dressy Clothes

Dressy clothes

Do you need to choose dressy clothes carefully and thoroughly? At the beginning you must decide what suits you best like to wear: long into the floor or classical evening dress still short enough to be a cocktail. By evening dress in winter you need a coat in summer – stole or shawl. A cocktail dress can easily be combined with regular outer clothing unless it’s sports jacket, of course.dressy clothes
Actually, cocktail dresses were invented precisely in order to be able to easily concealed. In tdifferent events cocktail parties held in private homes. There was music, small talk and illicit alcohol. And if such an event was the police, then quickly had to hide from the valiant guards. Long evening dress issued to you on the head, and the short coat is easily concealed in any.
Best of all will be better to have both dressy clothes: the long and short. If in your wardrobe still inhabit a little black dress, not a single method will not take you by surprise.
The dresses must be made of light fabric with thin straps with a skirt, tailored on the bias, that will help you create a feminine look. Straps will draw glances to the top of the figure and aerial tissue, gently wrapping the thigh, making them more attractive. If you have a little fluffy upper part of the figure, the arms and shoulders to cover the palatines.
If you do not have a very slim hips, choose a style dresses where the fabric will not only encircle the waist, but the space between the waist and hips. It is better if the dress will be extended to the bottom, but this expansion must be very light, unobtrusive, otherwise you’ll seem much thicker than you really are. Distract the sight from the hips, accentuating it on top of a strapless neckline and deep.
To look slimmer, it is better to choose dressy clothes, fitting under the breast – is the thinnest part of the body. From this part of the bottom have to go vertical folds – the lower, the more freely. Try to choose suitable evening dresses personally for you.
To hide his broad shoulders, it is better to stop the choice on the dress of chiffon with ruffles sleeves, flounces just should not be too bushy. Bottom of the dress should fall freely. Wide shoulders can not denude or drape heavy fabrics, adornments.

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