Hippy Clothes

Hippy clothes

People who want to do one day colorful are always looking for something new and different in even the most familiar things. For example, all have an idea of hippie style – rock-n-roll, recreational drugs, pigtails and boring, the skirt to the floor and colored van. But we just have to look deeper, because the hippies it’s a philosophy. However, you can don’t listen to rock and roll, to let their desire for freedom. To spend the summer with the soul of “wide open”, we should add a little hippy clothes in your wardrobe.hippy clothes
Let’s start with the integral part of the image of hippies as a scarf. For many people just the accessory highlights a hippy subculture among the crowd. Long, short, thin, fat – there is no significant difference, the main thing is bright. African, South American, Balinese motifs – all these can be combined, because the most important rule by hippy is no rules!
Then, of course, the transition to a recognizable attribute as a skirt. Many say that it hippy were organized so-called sexual revolution of the 60s of the 20th century, because thanks to them that there were mini-skirts. Women began to wear hippy clothes, bright tights, deep necklines, loose hair and talked openly about sexuality and freedom.
Dresses have been a variety of patterns and colors and become a feature of hippy female.
Perhaps the main attribute of the girls is a hippy handbag over her shoulder. They are knitted, embroidered, sewn from pieces of fabric, bright or white trim and hippie can afford it.
Also do not forget hats and bracelets, because the more accessories.
Small purses are crocheted, embroidered across the shoulder, dress, sneakers, pigtails. Such a mixture of colors and styles makes hippies inimitable and timeless. It’s not a secret that fashion 60s back all the best designers added elements of ethnic and hippies in their summer collection.
To be free and stylish you need at least a few days to throw hippy clothes, jeans and T-shirts to wear pink tights and go for a colorful van in the world of love and fantasy.

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