Muslim Clothes

Muslim clothes

Muslim clothes is one of the important aspects of the lives of Muslim women. Usually comes from the fact that it means much more than just clothes.muslim clothes
To wear could be considered Islamic must meet the following conditions:
1. Clothes should completely cover the head and body except the face and hands clusters. This means that the neck, forearms, ears and nose. They should be closed.
2. Itself should not serve as clothing decoration – in order not to attract the attention of men to female beauty. In general, this means that you should avoid bright brilliant colors, glittering jewelry, and fabrics are woven in glossy thread. You can wear it all at home, and the criteria apply only to clothing, which puts the woman, leaving home, or in the presence of a man who does not belong to the category terry relatives – close relatives, with whom she is forbidden to marry.
3. Clothes should be sufficiently dense to hide color: transparent muslin or tissue in this case are unacceptable.
4. Muslim clothes should be free enough to hide the body contours: unacceptable and that fit body fitting clothing that emphasizes its shape.
5. Clothes should not have smell perfumes.
6. Clothes should not be like men clothing. These items of clothing as pants, must be female style, cut, and others. It is undesirable to wear singled you out from the crowd – it should not be so light and bright tones and a noticeable cut, which must attract attention to you. It is better to choose a “tailored” to the Muslim western clothing style choices, such as costume consisting of long straight jacket and long skirt straight cut.
Choice of clothing to a large degree depends on the individuality of each woman, her mind, but the author advises in the selection such clothes take into account such factors as climate, occupation and place of work. After all that befits a woman in the Arab East, a leading household or working at home, where she is surrounded by numerous household, not suitable muslim clothes home in rainy Manchester, in addition to any family and there is still work outside the home.
7. It should not be clothing that shows the glory and vanity of its owner.

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