Retro Clothes

Retro clothes

Trendy shops filled skirts, colored coat, a variety of scarves, dresses with the deep cleavage and round collars. All of these trends for a long time came on the streets and entered houses in the capital’s fashioners. Retro clothes has its main elements that differentiate and distinguish the girl from the crowd and accuses her unique taste.retro clothes
The retro skirt. Far from the 50′s came the image of a girl in a fluffy skirt which was named Mitchel Prado key to understanding the modern woman. Wear a skirt every girl can’t as the gait and the form must be perfect. Then recall the scene from the service of the novel when the main character teaches her secretary to go from the hip. It is this step and should be really sexy women – from the hip. Waist should be aspen, chest and prominent standing, and the legs shapely and attractive. The average height of a heel will make a skirt to show a magnificent form their best qualities. Designers have brought to the podium and the other year which were famous for a long skirt. Every girl in the locker room that has a retro clothing must be worn this season, a long skirt to toe.
Bags from the past. Retro clothes should emphasize the appropriate accessories among which is on the first place women handbag, appeared without unnecessary embellishment. The first place went bags traveling bags, patent leather clutch bags, hobo. It is the latter, which are the crescent-shaped bag overflowed with imagination and minds of the designers. This handbag looks perfect in combination with short natural fur, such as mink. This is an image of a lady with fine taste, rich and confident character. For girls sports bag is more appropriate and presented in bright colors of colored fur massive forms.
How to wear scarf retro? The retro scarf – this is not necessarily a warm thing to save from the cold, and stylish accessory that can effectively complement the selected image. The scarf does not have to hide imperfections or dress masked an unsuccessful candidate, it is intended to underscore the merits of the figure. For example, a long scarf tied around the waist, beautifully accentuate not only the exact figure, but even the high chest. Scarf as well as other any retro clothes should conform to the proportions of the figure. For a thin girl is best to use a scarf artfully trimmed from a thin fur, and lush for the girls fit scarves with knots. Diversify the same way you can use the skillfully matched scarf. You can tie a scarf on the waist, head, neck, and also on a hat that is very original.

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